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Simple and Highly Efficient ETIM Classification

ETIM is an abbreviation for Electro-Technical Information Model. ETIM Deutschland e.V. was founded for the purpose of creating standards on 20.12.1999 by nine electrical wholesalers and purchasing associations in Frankfurt/Main. As a result, several versions of the ETIM classification have been created with standardised categories/classes, parameters/attributes and values, with the latest version ETIM 9.0 being released in December 2022.

Supported Industries and Main Features of ETIM

The ETIM standard covers several industries, which have been gradually incorporated into the classification standard and uniformly systematized by product experts:

  • Electrical - since inception
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) was added with version ETIM 7 on November 1, 2017
  • Tools, Hardware and Operational Equipment (WEBA) has been supported by the ETIM standard since version 8 as an integration of the proficlass standard into ETIM


The ETIM standard is specially designed to meet the requirements of these selected industries and enables a uniform, technical description of articles as well as the assignment to a product class. The product classes are arranged in a hierarchy. The higher-level classes thematically summarize multiple product classes. Each class is defined by product experts using standardized properties, so-called characteristics, e.g. for technical characteristics such as diameter or material. In addition, numerous characteristics are predefined by standardized values, e.g. for certain materials of a class with clear text specifications. This standardization makes it possible to find technical products by class or technical characteristics, independent of the supplier. Classes, attributes and characteristic values of the different ETIM versions can be viewed online.

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Benefit from our Years of Experience with Classifications

INCONY is a leading provider of PIM systems, with many long-term customers from electrical, HVAC and tool industries. INCONY offers various exports including BMEcat, Arge, GAEB, DATANORM, Excel format and can support you with an ETIM software package and services on request:

  • With over 20 years of experience in classification, the INCONY team can assist you in assigning your products to ETIM classes, parameters and values. INCONY is a member of ETIM Deutschland e.V.
  • INCONY's technologically leading software ANTEROS enables you to import existing product data in the ETIM package, easily assign ETIM classes, add ETIM characteristics and export in BMEcat or Arge format. These features are explained in greater detail below.


What is also notable is that ANTEROS offers a central product database (a so-called PIM system) in which you can also add texts, data, images, videos and documents or perform translations of the texts very efficiently with a fully integrated translation module. The modular structure allows you to pick out the exact modules that are relevant for your own tasks and thus also gradually expand the system. Additional modules are also integrated in the technology-leading PIM software ANTEROS for creating professional online stores and apps based on the centrally stored product data, as well as for generating print catalogs, new product catalogs, target group catalogs, price lists and data sheets at the push of a button. Before presenting ETIM data maintenance in further detail, here is the link to our website PIM in the electrical industry with a detailed description of important PIM and cross-media functions for your industry but also with quotes and links to user reports.

Classify data for ETIM with ANTEROS
Many import possibilities from ANTEROS

Flexible Import of Your Product Data

Easily import product data from data sources such as enterprise resource planning, ERP, employee Excel lists, etc. ANTEROS offers various import formats, including the most commonly used formats Excel, CSV and XML.

You can also choose to only import a part of the data or multiple different parts from different sources, e.g. article numbers and article texts from ERP and prices from an Excel list. With the update option you limit the import to specific products only. Moreover, you can even import ETIM assignments from other systems (e.g. Compano).

Classify and enhance product data

Efficiently Classify Product Data and Supplement it with Additional Data

You can easily and efficiently add to the imported product data:

  • You can format texts as easily as in Word with buttons for boldface, bulleted lists etc., at export it comes out suitably in HTML.
  • The ETIM classes are displayed in a tree. You need only click on the appropriate ETIM class to have the product classified according to ETIM.
  • After selecting the ETIM class, the data fields (ETIM features) belonging to the class are displayed. In many cases there are predefined values that you only have to select from the list.
  • In order to work more efficiently with many products, you can combine several product variants in ANTEROS to one product family. Thus you need to set a description, photos, drawings or parameters for all variants only once and you can also set exceptions to this. In addition, you can add data supplements in Excel format via mass data processing.
Create test reports in ANTEROS

Data Checks - many already implemented for a good data quality

ANTEROS performs certain checks directly during import and input to prevent "bad" data from " sneaking" into the product database. This includes checking whether all mandatory fields have been filled, whether only permitted default texts have been used for ETIM parameters with default lists, and whether the data type has been adhered to for numerical parameters (e.g. no letter "O" has been specified for numbers). )


Further checks are visualized in the dashboard, e.g. which products still have no ETIM category or how many ETIM fields are already filled to 90% or only to 75%, 50% or 25%. By clicking on one of these test reports, the list of these products is directly displayed. This allows to selectively and gradually increase the amount of optional ETIM data.

Export formats, ANTEROS

Flexible Exports

In the ETIM package, you can export product data with the assigned ETIM classes with just a few clicks (also in Arge format) and with bme.ex to BMEcat formats 1.2 and 2005.

Add-on modules can be used to export this or extended product data to formats such as GAEB, DATANORM, etc.

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