With INCONY you have a clear competitive advantage

How do you Benefit from Working with INCONY?

The INCONY software products and services allow you to achieve the highest level of automation for your product data and image maintenance as well as for creating printed documents and web catalogs, data exports and imports. Moreover, INCONY tailors the software to your layout and functional requirements and offers competent and service-oriented staff to advise you.

Better than the Competition

Surveys have revealed remarkably good ratings for INCONY:

Fast and effective

47% faster than other providers

Our in-house project department allows us to respond to your customer requirements without external third-party providers: we configure the software, customize it and integrate it into your IT landscape. The short lines of communication enable us to offer short response times and swift processing of customer requirements.

Excellent service

35% better service than other providers

With ANTEROS we are not only selling the software, but we also offer our customers dependable support by competent employees. Our focus on customer orientation and our very high level of commitment to performance creates an atmosphere of partnership between us and our customers.

Easy to understand

35% higher degree of innovation than other providers

Being the technological leader for PIM and Crossmedia, we not only maintain a keen eye on customer requirements but also embrace technical innovations and continuously improve our software. ANTEROS 5 has seen the switch to innovative methodologies such as automated testing, agile working, continuous integration and portlet-based interfaces.

Why you can Benefit more from ANTEROS than from Competitors' Products

  • Many Years of Experience
    INCONY is one of the few PIM pioneers. The development of ANTEROS began as early as 1996 in the C-LAB research institute and was transferred to INCONY AG in 2000 for further commercial development.
  • Extremely Efficient Data Maintenance
    Our cutting-edge ANTEROS software has various functions designed to systematize your product data, giving you a particularly efficient way to maintain your data.
  • Very Intuitive to Use
    As early as the 1990s, the INCONY team had one of the first ANTEROS versions tested by the Siemens Usability Lab. External test subjects had to solve tasks using ANTEROS and eye-tracking glasses were used to analyze which parts of the user interface allowed users to progress quickly and which parts less quickly. These findings were not only incorporated into the user interface of this version, but were also an important criterion for further developments from then on.
  • Many Modules Fully Integrated
    ANTEROS is the only PIM system in which functions for maintaining images, documents and videos, as well as translation support, a print engine and a professional web store, are all fully integrated into one system. There is no need to transfer data to other systems via interfaces beforehand, which significantly speeds up your processes.
  • Print Documents Made 100% Automatically
    Easily generate catalogs, price lists, data sheets or labels via a web interface. With only a few clicks, even complex structured catalogs can be automatically generated, whereas other PIM systems require time-consuming post-processing in InDesign.

    This feature is not only available for complete documents but also for any kind of excerpts, e.g. new products catalogs or catalog excerpts with products selected from a specific request for quotation but in a nice catalog layout. Some of our customers even offer this feature to their own customers as a service on their websites in order to provide the latest data sheets or excerpt catalogs and it has been received very well!


Technological Advantage

ANTEROS is the only PIM system that fully integrates a media database, translation system, print engine and online store in one system.

All functions in one PIM system

Structure Product Data Properly and Maintain It Efficiently

ANTEROS offers various functions to systematize your data and to improve the efficiency of your data maintenance. In addition to inheriting parameter definitions and parameter values, you can bundle products into product families, create text modules, calculation rules, and more.

Comfortably Maintain, Search, and Download Images, Documents, and Videos

The ANTEROS media database allows you to efficiently manage any images, documents and videos and link them to product data. Our media portal provides a very simple way for your marketing department as well as distributors, retailers and partners to search for and download images in various formats, naturally with restricted rights when needed.

Check Data Quality Clearly and Improve It in a Targeted Manner

The ANTEROS dashboard allows you to create your own quality reports and ensure that you always have an eye on any potential areas for improvement, such as "images still too small", "images missing", " store data incomplete", and make targeted improvements. Using stoplight colors you can emphasize urgency, quality groups provide a clear overview and quality levels allow you to independently create your own complex reports.

Easily Integrate Third-Party Systems, Import and Export Data Flexibly

ANTEROS provides both function interfaces and data interfaces. With function interfaces via REST web service you can use PIM data and ANTEROS functions in third-party systems. The data interfaces supported by the ANTEROS import-export framework include various formats such as XML, CSV, BMEcat, TecDoc or Arge. The export profile editor allows you to define your own exports from selected "columns" and when importing, you can filter data from suppliers and map it to your own structures.

Technologically Leading Print Engine

With ANTEROS.print, you can fully automatically publish any document with precise attention to your corporate design. Unlike other PIM systems, the ANTEROS software does not use a template-based approach for automation, but rather a rule-based approach, which is significantly more flexible and allows 100% automation of even complex technical catalogs. In addition to layout rules, data grouping or even data summarization rules can be implemented. As a result, the print engine can generate both final PDF documents and documents in InDesign format to be reworked in the InDesign typesetting system.

What Our Customers Appreciate About INCONY's Service

Testimonials from customer surveys conducted by independent marketing firm Grothus van Koten:

Service and support are important at INCONY
  • Competent employees
  • Availability over a wide period of time
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Quick understanding of customer requirements
  • Precise implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Reliable support
  • Fully automated print generation
  • Ability to manage complex product data
  • Short response times
  • Use of innovative technologies

Service Advantage

The INCONY team is regarded by customers as very service-oriented. You get a personal project manager who knows all about your concerns, and there is no need to wait in a service phone queue.

Full Service
Full Service

If you wish, we can provide support from design, installation, configuration and integration to training, consulting and hosting.
Quick Understanding
Quick Understanding

We understand and speak the "language of the customer" as a result of our extensive experience in projects.

We offer support from first contact and anytime you need it.
Customer Service
Customer Service

Our staff offers friendly and non-intrusive support available in a variety of languages.
Competent Service
Competent Service

Fast solutions from a single source plus comprehensive, interdisciplinary IT and media expertise.
Personal Consultation

Straightforward and reliable personal consultation

"INCONY has impressed us with their flexible software, professional product engineering, extremely high performance, professional competence and excellent service."

TMD Friction
Daniel Tiemann,
Online & Digital Marketing Manager at TMD Friction

Summary of the Highlights

The question "Why INCONY?" can therefore be answered by the combination of outstanding technology and a cooperative approach to service. Our technology-leading ANTEROS software enables you to intuitively and efficiently maintain product data of any kind and to output it via fully integrated modules as print documents and various exports or to build professional online stores, apps and media portals.

If you have any questions or new requirements, our employees are always on hand to provide you with qualified and service-oriented support.

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