ANTEROS in the automotive sector

Digitization in the Automotive Industry

INCONY provides support in various aspects of digitalization related to your product data. The ANTEROS software allows you to maintain product data far more efficiently and even internationally (with PIM and MAM) as well as to create professional online shops, online catalogs, apps, catalogs, data sheets, labels, and much more.

Challenges of Digitization in the Automotive Industry

Product data is becoming increasingly important in the course of digitization. People are already referring to this as the new corporate gold.


And yet, many vehicle parts manufacturers and dealers still have product data scattered across several "islands": some product data is in the ERP system, other data may be prepared for TecDoc or, for specific industries like marine or construction machinery, in a separate database, and even more data and images are kept in files for catalogs or data sheets or are in online store databases.
In addition, more and more requests for product data from customers in different languages and formats are coming in.


If you too still maintain your product data on multiple islands, then keeping the data up to date on all islands can take a lot of time. Errors can also easily creep in if, for example, you update the data on one island, e.g. the data sheet, and forget to do so on the other islands.

ANTEROS-Automotive Plays an Important Role in Digitalization

ANTEROS Automotive helps you to maintain product data centrally and efficiently, to set up professional online stores, online catalogs and apps, to output print catalogs at the push of a button and in any excerpts, and to import and export in various formats or to connect other systems via interfaces.

ANTEROS supports digitalization in the automotive sector

What Benefits Does ANTEROS Automotive Offer?

Internal Benefits

  • Complete overview of the entire (international) product portfolio
  • Significantly reduced time spent searching for product information for all employees
  • Far more efficient maintenance of product data, even across national borders
  • Faster preparation of product data for inquiries from sales and product management
  • Print documents such as data sheets, catalogs with application pages and data summarization, any excerpt catalogs as well as labels can be generated 100% automatically with ANTEROS
  • Implementation of professional online stores, online catalogs and apps with convenient searches via various product numbers, vehicles or categories and optionally with extensive ordering functions

External Benefits

  • Complete, up-to-date, and consistent source of information for retailers and partners
  • Quick and flexible preparation of product data for customer and partner inquiries
  • Utilization of cross-selling potential by storing product combinations
  • You, your partners or customers can create any partial catalogs with just a few clicks
  • Your customers, dealers and partners can always find the right product directly in your online store thanks to extensive search options and then buy it using the order function
  • Apps enable your customers to find products even faster, e.g. via a barcode search

“INCONY has impressed us with their flexible software, professional product engineering, an extremely high level of commitment, technical expertise and excellent service.”

TMD Friction
Daniel Tiemann,
Online & Digital Marketing Manager at TMD Friction

How can ANTEROS-Automotive help you?

ANTEROS Quality Management
ANTEROS Import, Export, Interfaces
ANTEROS Online Shops
ANTEROS Product Labels


Efficient Product Data Maintenance (PIM/PXM)

You can efficiently maintain product data, product experiences and product assignments to the appropriate vehicles. TecDoc can be used as vehicle masters, or you can create your own vehicles, models and generic articles, e.g. for vehicles from the agricultural sector, for boats or motorcycles.

Flexible Integration, Imports and Exports

Import existing product data from other systems or suppliers in various formats and export the enriched data for customers and partners in TecDoc, Aces / Pies, XML, CSV, Excel and more. Additional interfaces are available to systems such as ERP, CAD, PLM, store systems and more.

Fully Automatic Generation of Print Documents

The innovative print engine in ANTEROS allows you to generate data sheets, labels and even complex automotive catalogs with application pages and automated data summarization 100% automatically. The summarization rules and the generated layout can be individually adapted to your requirements.

Images, Videos and Documents (MAM/DAM)

Media management allows you to manage media efficiently and make it accessible for web-based searches. At the same time, the media can be easily searched for and downloaded by sales staff, customers and partners via the media portal.

Online Shops with Data from PIM and MAM

With ANTEROS you can implement professional, fully integrated online stores featuring comfortable search via vehicles, vehicle criteria, product criteria etc., adapted to your corporate design.

Generate Product Labels from PIM Data

ANTEROS enables you to automatically generate product labels from your centrally maintained product data. The barcodes can be generated automatically from EAN/GTIN and QR codes from URLs.

Quality Management

You can use your own test reports to check the quality of your product data, e.g. which parts have not yet been assigned to vehicles or do not have a picture. The reports are presented in the dashboard in order to clearly identify potential for improvement in the data and to make targeted improvements.

Apps with Data from PIM and MAM

ANTEROS Android and iOS apps enable customers to search for and order your products using vehicles, vehicle criteria, product criteria, etc.

“Thanks to ANTEROS by the technological leader, we can maintain our complex product data very easily across many countries and in a well-structured manner. The responsibilities of the different employees are clearly regulated via user roles, rights and workflows. We save a lot of time thanks to ANTEROS while still having significantly better data quality and a significantly reduced complaint rate.”

Mark Grunert,
Head of Marketing at Motul

Efficient Central Data Maintenance for All Product Data in the PIM

A PIM system (PIM = Product Information Management) stores product-related information in a central database. The technology-leading PIM system ANTEROS allows you to transfer data from other systems (such as ERP, PLM, TecDoc) into the PIM and enrich it with additional data such as marketing texts, translations, vehicle links, cross references, images, etc. The PIM is used internally as a knowledge pool and externally for customer exports, online stores, catalogs, etc. Data maintenance is based on your industry's needs and goes beyond the TecDoc standard; in particular, it is open to other target markets.


The following lists some important PIM functions of ANTEROS that may be relevant to you:


  • Maintain product data with high efficiency, create your own criteria or category trees, relate products not only to other products (e.g. as accessories or spare parts), but also to vehicles and restrict the relationship via filters (e.g. only fits Audi A4 for left-hand traffic).
  • In contrast to other PIM systems, ANTEROS allows you to easily and regularly import TecDoc vehicle data and even expand it with your own manufacturers, models and vehicles, e.g. for construction machinery.
  • ANTEROS also has fully integrated modules, such as a media database for images, documents and videos, for translating texts but also for building online stores, apps and automating catalogs and data sheets.
  • The quality of your product data can be monitored using customized quality reports. The analysis of the reports is clearly displayed in your dashboard, allowing you to continuously control and systematically improve the data quality.
  • For better coordination of data maintenance in international teams, define your own workflows and control these processes in your teams through ANTEROS.
  • You can export the data from the PIM in any combination and format for customers and partners via interfaces or connect other systems with the PIM, e.g. TAF, XML, BMEcat, CSV, Excel, ...


Check and improve data quality in the dashboard
PIM data management for automotive parts
Workflows in the PIM system ANTEROS

By the way: ANTEROS is very easy to use , proven by thorough usability tests.

If you would like to learn more about PIM software, how it works and who needs it, read our PIM blog post, Motul's user report or request a free online demo.

User report PIM blog postPIM demo

Professional Online Catalogs, Online Shops, Information Portals and Apps

Digitalization has changed customers' shopping behavior. More and more, products are being sought out via online catalogs, portals and apps, and purchased in online stores. As a result, web solutions like these provide an interesting market channel for many companies, where they can offer their products with extensive product data and images to a wide audience.


ANTEROS.web enables you to implement professional online stores, information portals or web catalogs featuring the following advantages:


  • Fully integrated with product data maintenance, i.e. you can maintain product data and images centrally in the PIM and utilize it not only for web solutions that are absolutely up-to-date, but also for exports, data sheets, catalogs, etc.
  • Extensive search features: Vehicle searches, article searches, universal part searches, combined expert searches and unfocused searches, e.g. without generic articles, etc.
  • Cross-selling by showing accessories, spare parts, etc., which you can relate to the products in the PIM itself
  • Clear product comparison by highlighting parameter values that are not the same
  • Online shops and apps: Ordering functions such as displaying customer-specific prices, availability, or order history
  • Registration: use login functions to only allow authorized customers to access the online stores or to restrict access to data or functions
  • ERP connection: to transfer orders directly to inventory management or to have precise customer prices or stock data display next to the relevant product
  • Apps and online stores can be customized, both in terms of design and functions


Examples from Corteco's online stores and Hella's app
Examples of FTE's online stores and the Provia app created with ANTEROS

If you would like to learn more about online shops you may be interested in our online shop blog post, Hella's user report or or request a free online demo.

User report Online shop postSoftware demo

Print Catalogs at the Touch of a Button

You can use ANTEROS to generate catalogs, price lists, data sheets or labels 100% automatically and in various languages in PDF format, whether for print or digital use. With just a few clicks, you can also generate any excerpts, such as new products or customer catalogs.


You benefit from the following advantages:


  • You can generate catalogs and data sheets in different languages via the ANTEROS web interface with just a few clicks and without any post-processing in typesetting systems such as InDesign.
  • Generate not only complete catalogs, but also brand- and country-specific catalogs or any excerpts via expert searches, collective folders and much more.
  • Print documents can be created more cost-effectively, quicker and more up to date.
  • It is possible to generate not only simple product pages at the touch of a button, but also application pages, tables of contents, keyword indexes and cross-reference pages.
  • Data aggregation in the application pages is also automated via the print engine, for example in order to display a product directly with multiple matching vehicles.
  • The layout of the catalog pages is customized to your corporate design.


Corteco catalog cover sheet
Directory with vehicle uses of Corteco
Directory with OE numbers of the company Corteco
VDO generates its catalogs with ANTEROS
Directory with product uses of the company Corteco

If you would like to learn more about the innovative print engine, request our free software demo or read the user report from Continental. Our print blog post provides tips on how to create excellent product catalogs and price lists.

User reportPrint blog postOnline demo

ANTEROS has Many Satisfied Customers from the Automotive Industry

Data Maintenance Geared to Your Needs

When maintaining data, you can not only maintain data on your products, but also assign them to the appropriate vehicles, using the familiar TecDoc structure with manufacturers, model series and models. However, you are not limited to TecDoc's manufacturers, models and vehicles, but can maintain your own or additional master data with ANTEROS - because many automotive suppliers have a broader product range that also extends into other industries. You can import and export master data and product data in TecDoc format, but also connect other systems such as ERP, CRM, CMS, etc. via interfaces - so that you can maintain the data very efficiently and not multiple times in different systems.

User Reports on the ANTEROS Software

We have compiled three case studies for you in which automotive suppliers report on their ANTEROS projects.

Profit from the experiences of other companies!

BPW user report

PIM for Commercial Vehicles

Maintain data in the PIM system for the commercial vehicles aftermarket

User report from Hella

Stores in Multiple Countries

International online stores with direct connection to TecDoc and SAP

User report from Continental

Automated TecDoc Catalog

Automatically create catalogs from TecDoc data

User report by CARAT

PIM for the Best Data in your Online Store

Standardize TecDoc and company data in the online store

Motul uses ANTEROS

Product Data Maintenance (Motul)

International data maintenance with TecDoc export and generation of catalogs and data sheets

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