Efficient maintenance of all media

Media Database / Media Portal (MAM, DAM)

Images, documents and videos can be managed conveniently within a media database. This is also known as Media or Digital Asset Management (MAM/DAM). The media database offers functions for uploading, searching and downloading media objects as well as for adding metadata. The PIM and MAM are fully integrated in ANTEROS. This makes it possible to conveniently link media objects to products or categories, to always see quick image views, and to perform product data maintenance more intuitively and quickly.

“We have saved a significant amount of time: the maintenance of product data and images can now be done centrally and with great efficiency, resulting in an increase in data quality as well.”

Hauke Tietjen,
Managing Director at Tietjen

Simple Media Management

A media database is a central storage and management system for images, documents, videos and audio files. It allows all employees in a company - even those spread across multiple locations - to centrally access media objects. They can automatically upload the media objects to the system simply by dragging and dropping or using a hot folder. Not only are the original files loaded into the system, but various formats are also generated automatically, e.g. a web mini-view for the display lists or print quality for product photos in CMYK colors. When uploading, the included metadata, such as file size, image width and height, or file type, is also applied. Additionally, you can add further metadata in the media database, e.g. the time from which the document should first be valid, which license restrictions apply to the image, or information such as the name of the photographer. In ANTEROS, you can link the media objects with PIM objects as desired, e.g. a product photo linked to its product, a data sheet linked to its product family or a category photo for the online store linked to the product category.


The media database allows you to search for specific images, documents and videos when editing data. The media portal offers a simplified overview that enables retailers or partners to easily browse your media objects and download them in various formats.

Advantages of the ANTEROS MAM System

Central Storage of Media Objects

Videos, audio files, images or documents can be stored in a central media database. Certain metadata, such as image resolution, is extracted directly from the files.

Define Cleanliness Rules

You can define the "cleanliness" of the media database via freely definable rules. These rules are customizable so that, for example, only images larger than 100 kB can be uploaded to the system. Furthermore, you can use your own quality reports to monitor these rules in the dashboard, for example, to temporarily allow smaller images (in accordance with the principle: rather have a small image than no image at all), but to monitor these clearly in the dashboard and to improve those images specifically at a later date.

Easily upload media

Easily Upload Media Objects

The media manager offers a simple drag-and-drop method for uploading videos, audio files, images and documents to the database. The metadata already present in the data (such as resolution, file size and pixel width) is adopted directly, although it is also possible to enter additional metadata for multiple files at once during the upload process.

Automatically Convert Images

Images need only be saved once in good quality. ANTEROS automatically converts those images into the formats you want (e.g. print-draft, web-large, web-small, for Amazon and Otto). When making changes, you will only have to change one image and will not run the risk of forgetting to change one of several variants.

Extendable Metadata

Simplify searching for videos, audio files, images and documents further by assigning categories and adding descriptions, search terms and other metadata (such as author, project or license validity of photos).

Fast media download

Quick Search and Download in the Media Portal

Many marketing departments spend more and more time searching for product images for partners, distributors, publishers, etc. and converting them into the desired formats or compiling videos and other documents. Our media portal can help you save this time. The inquirers themselves can easily search for images and documents and download them in various formats. You can give specific rights to the relevant people for this purpose. This saves you time, relieves the burden on yourself and leaves more time for the creative tasks in marketing.

The media portal can not only be branded with your logo, but can also be customized to meet your individual layout requirements.

Convenient Search Options

You and your partners can search for and find media objects (images, videos and documents) via keywords, product categories (even category trees), modification date or properties such as author or resolution using a targeted, web-based search.

A special feature of the media portal is that, even if your partners can restrict the media objects via a category tree, you do not have to separately sort the images or documents into the search trees for this purpose. This assignment is implicitly recognized by ANTEROS when you assign an image / document to a product and a category to the product. This feature can save you a lot of time!

“The ANTEROS media portal helps sales and partners to search for and download images independently and with only a few clicks. To do this, the images do not have to be specially tagged with categories or item numbers; ANTEROS draws this data from our PIM product data. This saves us a lot of work and we can specifically specify who should see which images.”

Jana Schenker, Schwaiger

Satisfied Customers

What are the Benefits of an ANTEROS Media Database?

  • You can maintain all your media efficiently and centrally.
  • All your employees from all locations have access to the same, up-to-date versions of their images, documents and videos.
  • As soon as images are uploaded, they are transformed into different resolutions (print quality with CMYK colors, web-size, thumbnail, etc.), meaning that an image only needs to be uploaded once yet still can be used for different purposes.
  • You can freely assign media objects to the product data in the PIM.
  • PIM assignments eliminate the tedious sorting of media objects into product categories, ANTEROS recognizes this implicitly.
  • The media portal allows you to authorize selected users to search and download images, documents and videos, e.g. distributors for their own sales documents or their online store, their sales representatives for presentation slides or publishers for reports on their products.

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