Manage Images, Videos, and Documents Efficiently

The Media Asset Management (MAM) module of ANTEROS provides a centralized storage area for media objects (video, audio, image, or document files). These objects can be retrieved searching by keywords, categories, or parameters.

Experience of Tietjen with INCONY

"We have a significant time saving: the maintenance of product data and images is now possible centrally and very efficiently, which has also increased the data quality."


- Hauke Tietjen, Tietjen GmbH


Media asset management refers to the storage and management of digital content such as graphics, videos, music files and text modules.


ANTEROS.mam lets you manage all your media in one place

ANTEROS.mam provides the following functionality:


  • Easy-to-use search functionality lets you search efficiently in a web-based fashion for images, videos, and document files by keywords, product categories and even category trees, time stamps or characteristics such as author or image resolution.
  • Centralized storage of media objects: Video, audio, image, and document files can be stored in a centralized fashion. Some meta data such as image resolution are directly extracted from these files.
  • Automatic image conversion: It’s sufficient to store an image file with a high resolution only. ANTEROS converts the file automatically to the formats you need (e.g. print draft, Web, or thumbnail). If an image needs to be changed or replaced, only one file needs to be considered, so that you don’t run the risk of forgetting one of them and create inconsistent data by updating only a subset of all stored variants.
  • Download on-demand: Via easy-to-use web forms you can download media files in the format you originally uploaded, but also in the file formats ANTEROS has automatically generated. In addition, you can have ANTEROS generate additional formats on demand, such as EPS or PDF. This functionality will help you to respond to requests from distributors by performing just a few clicks. A file folder lets you apply operations to download or generate new formats to a selection of media files and so adds efficiency if you are dealing with a large number of files.
  • Easy upload of media files: The media manager makes it easy to store and administrate video, audio, image, and document files in the media database. In addition, they can be easily assigned to products stored in the product database.
  • Adding meta data: To make the search for video, audio, image, and document files easier, you assign categories, descriptions, keywords or other metadata (such as author or project).
  • Placing constraints on uniformity: You can place a wide range of restrictions on properties of your media files, e.g. to allow only image files that are based on the CMYK color model. ANTEROS verifies for each file if it fulfills your criteria.


The media database can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with the PIM module, so that your images can be assigned to products.


When you use an integrated solution, you can easily find images, videos, and documents by category search. To search for a media file by its category, you don’t even have to assign the category explicitly to the media file since it is automatically associated with the file via the product. So you can perform a focused search for files by metadata you didn’t even enter for these files. A considerable gain of efficiency.

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The media database can be used independently or integrated with the PIM module to link products with product images.



If you use the PIM and MAM modules of ANTEROS, then you can automatically search for images, videos and documents by category without having to store your own keywords or categories for the files. ANTEROS retrieves those data from the products which are associated to the images.

A clear efficiency advantage over other image database systems!


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