With ANTEROS you can enjoy digitization!

Product data, images, documents, apps and more with ANTEROS!

ANTEROS® comes with a wide range of functionalities that empower you to make changes to your product data and media in a professional and efficient web-based fashion. In addition, ANTEROS lets you publish this data for apps, print, webshops, CD-ROMs, and electronic catalogs.


Unlike most other PIM systems, ANTEROS offers these features in a fully integrated and high-quality manner, allowing you to streamline the digitization of product data tasks in a structured and efficient fashion.





The following provides an overview of the functions of ANTEROS, which has a modular structure so you can make investments progressively and adapted to the requirements:

PIM software ANTEROS

In easy-to-use web forms you can maintain your product data not only comfortably, but efficiently. Functions such as inheritance, product series, text modules and selection lists allow time to be saved during data maintenance. The ANTEROS data model can also be adapted to complex product data. Click here for more information about PIM (incl. Short film "why PIM").


MAM - Efficient Maintenance

Not only can you efficiently maintain your pictures, videos and documents in ANTEROS' media database, you can also offer files to colleagues, partners or retailers in the media portal, where they can be easily found via search and downloaded. Access rights allow you to control who is allowed to see what. And best of all, you do not have to tag pictures, videos or documents; ANTEROS uses the category mappings of the products within documents. More on MAM...

Quality Management (QM)

You can view the status of your data quality in a clearly structured dashboard. ANTEROS offers standard data test reports, or you can simply create your own test reports to monitor your data quality according to various criteria. More on QMS...

Translation management (TMS)

Translating with ANTEROS is so easy and efficient that many ANTEROS customers now have their product data available in significantly more languages, providing notable benefits to customers, partners and merchants. After all, product data and sales materials in the customer's own language is received better and pays off in financial terms. More on TMS...

Flexible imports and exports

By the flexible Webservice / REST interface of ANTEROS, it is relatively easy to integrate into other systems, e.g. ERP, CMS, CRM, CAD or Shop sytems . Furthermore, ANTEROS offers various import and export formats, such as EXCEL, CSV, XML, BMEcat, TecDoc, Datanorm, Arge, .... With this the data maintained in PIM and MAM can be made available to both partners and customers at will, increasing sales opportunities. More on integration and imports / exports...

ANTEROS.damex: prepare your data conveniently and flexibly

Use flexible filters and mapping functions to efficiently prepare data from suppliers and external systems and enable flexible exports and easy imports. You can prepare data for import into your PIM system with minimal effort and reduce, convert or expand the amount of data as desired for varied and individual exports. More about Data Preparation

Create printed and online catalogs

Print documents can be generated via the web interface completely or in part on demand, without a typesetting system (such as Indesign). This allows you to create customer-specific catalogs or novelty catalogs at any time without additional effort. A new trend for our customers is to offer this Print-On-Demand function to their customers as a service on their own websites for up-to-date data sheets or excerpt catalogs and this is well received! More about Print on Demand...

Automatically generate labels from product data with ANTEROS

Automatically create labels using your product data, e.g. packaging or repackaging labels or labels for retailer shelves. The efficient maintenance of product data and translations, combined with the time-saving and economical implementation of label generation, makes it possible to create labels that are both easy to read and easy to use. More about automated product labels...


Webshops, Onlinekataloge, Informationssysteme

If you desire a webshop or online catalog in which your customers can quickly and conveniently search for and compare their products and either request an order (online catalog) or order in ERP, display delivery times, order history, etc. (webshop) without, once again, having to maintain PIM data or push it into another system via an interface, then our fully integrated web module is what you need. Your ERP system is deeply integrated and able to eg. display customer data, customer prices, availability and all orders. More on online shops and catalogs...

Apps für iPhones und Android-Handys

If you want your webshop to not only be responsive, but a separate app, perhaps with additional features such as a barcode scanner that uses the mobile phone camera to photograph barcodes for a targeted search in the products, our ANTEROS apps for iOS and Android are right for you. Naturally, we adhere to the specifications for buttons and menus defined by Apple for the iOS App Store and by Google for the Play Store. More on apps from PIM data...

Free software demo

Would you like to maintain your product data, images and documents more efficiently in a PIM system and use cross-media publishing to create information portals, web shops, apps or generate print catalogues, data sheets or labels?


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ANTEROS provides you more value than other systems:

  • ANTEROS comes with a sophisticated functionality for assigning a clear structure to your product data. So you can update your data in a much more efficient way.
  • The images database enables you to search for product images in a quick and user-friendly way and to convert image files to other formats (such as GIF, BMP, PDF on demand).
  • Publishing your product data in documents for print and in a Web catalog is fully integrated with updating your product data (PIM). So you don’t have to export data, which is required with some other systems.
  • Generating print catalogs in PDF format takes much less time than with other systems, e.g. 10 minutes instead of 2 hours. Especially when working under tight deadlines, e.g. when having to send the final, flawless version to a printing press, you will appreciate the additional time this gives you for proofreading.
  • Using the ANTEROS Web interface, you can generate complete documents for print or just individual sections on-demand, without an additional type-setting system. So ANTEROS lets you export customer-specific subsets of a catalog at any time. Some INCONY customers even provide the users of their ANTEROS-based solutions with the option to have ANTEROS® generate the catalog subsets and data sheets this individual user needs. This is often met with positive reception.

Additional advantages for you and your staff:

  • A centralized product database that can be accessed by all of your staff (or partners, where required)
  • Product data can be used in a more flexible way and more quickly. Product data can be updated and added more efficiently for all media (print, Web, CD-ROM, XML) and in several languages.
  • Catalogs for print can be compiled easier and much faster.
  • Catalog excerpts and customer-defined catalogs provide more value to catalog users without requiring any additional effort for you.
  • Web/CD-ROM catalogs can be created interactively, with no additional effort.
  • Easy to use, little administration work required

Is ANTEROS right for you?

  • You want to create more and/or more individualized marketing material in less time, without adding resources to your staff?
  • You need catalogs, price lists, and spare part lists in several languages, but don’t want to enter new products or update products for each language separately to avoid inconsistencies and to save time?
  • You want to add and update product data for several media (print, Web, CD-ROMs electronic catalogs)?
  • For some purposes, you have to supply some of your stored images in several formats. You want to be able to find these images quickly and only store a single instance of each image, but be able to export them on-demand in all desired formats, with almost no additional effort and so at almost no additional cost? 
  • You want to provide your employees or partners/customers with a system that lets them define user-specific catalogs or catalogs excerpts and enables them to export these catalog-subsets on-demand, without incurring additional costs or placing an additional work load on your staff?

ANTEROS modules

ANTEROS has a modular structure allowing you to make investments step by step.
Click on this link for a list and description of each ANTEROS module.

Free software demo

PIM and Crossmedia Software ANTEROS: winner of multiple awards


Are you looking to maintain your product data, images and documents more efficiently in a PIM system and use cross-media publishing to create information portals, web shops, apps or generate print catalogs, data sheets or labels?

The ANTEROS software and its architecture, modules and functions can support you in this. With ANTEROS you can enjoy digitization!


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