The INCONY team has been active in the field of PIM software and cross media since 1996


The INCONY founders started working on the web-based ANTEROS software back in 1996 in the C-LAB research institute, a joint venture of the company Siemens and the University of Paderborn. At that time, the WWW was only some years old and companies started to see the need to showcase their products not only in printed catalogs but also on DVDs and in the Internet. To provide solutions for these tasks, several research projects were conducted by the GEN Cluster. These projects addressed needs of companies from various sectors such as mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering and from various countries. After analyzing the requirements, which turned out to be considerable complexity, solutions suitable for practical use were developed. As early as 1997 the first version of ANTEROS was up and running, providing functionality that enabled users to employ classifications and parameters to perform their searches for articles in a focused fashion.


Both the actual introduction of ANTEROS® and its registration as a trademark and the implementation of commercial projects started in 1998.

Minister Clement at the booth of INCONY

To be able to act more flexibly in the market, the team agreed with the corresponding Siemens division to carry out a management buyout and founded INCONY AG. The new company managed to strengthen ties with existing customers such as the VDMA, the German Association of Mechanical and Plant Engineering. In 2001, their terms of the cooperation were fixed in a master agreement that defined INCONY as the solution and service provider for the VDMA-e-market. In addition many new relationships to customers were established and the product family and the scope of solutions were gradually extended. The innovations developed by INCONY attracted the attention of a number of international companies and politicians (such as former Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia Wolfgang Clement, see photo, left).



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You are planning to introduce a PIM system in order to maintain your product data much more efficiently. Are you interested in what is possible with the technologically leading PIM system ANTEROS? Would you like to know how far you can optimize your processes with ANTEROS? The INCONY team has been active in the field of PIM software and cross media since 1996. Find out how our experience can benefit you. Request your free software demo now!


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