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Our team is always available to answer your questions, offer help, or if you would like to learn more about our products. Additionally, in the service menu we provide information available for download and interesting blog posts as well as expert-led webinars.

“INCONY has impressed us with their flexible software, professional product engineering, extremely high performance, professional competence and excellent service.”

TMD Friction
Daniel Tiemann,
Online & Digital Marketing Manager at TMD Friction

Online Seminars: Benefit from our Expertise

Our online seminars provide insights from our experts on how you can use digitization to your advantage. We offer these seminars for customers and non-customers alike.


All seminars are free of charge and without obligation.


PIM Systems

Product data as the key to digitization

Print at the Touch of a Button

Personalized catalogs and price lists at the push of a button

Our Service Advantage

Our customers appreciate the INCONY team for being highly service-oriented. A personal account manager with in-depth knowledge of your project is assigned to each customer, meaning you will never have to wait in a phone service queue.
Our customers have rated our customer service as excellent in surveys conducted in  2007, 2011 and 2015.

Full service possible
Full service

If you wish, we can assist you with everything from conception, installation, configuration and integration to training, consulting and hosting.
Quick comprehension
Quick understanding

We provide empathy and "speak the customer's language" thanks to over 20 years of project experience

Reliable service

Competent support from the first conversation and reliable software at the highest technical level
Customer service
Friendly service

Our employees offer customers friendly and unobtrusive support
Professional competence
Competent service

Fast solutions from a single source as well as comprehensive, interdisciplinary IT and media competence
Reachable by phone
Directly accessible

Personal advice direct and reliable

Things Customers Appreciate about INCONY's Service

  • Competent employees
  • Reliable support
  • Quick comprehension of customer requirements
  • Precise implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Time comprehensive accessibility
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Use of innovative technologies
  • Ability to manage complex product data
  • Fully automated print generation
  • All processes and functionalities can be used web-based
  • Short response times

Our Blogs

Product data becomes the key to digitisation

PIM system - What is it and how can it help us?

Product data is becoming the key to digitization

14 important tips for setting up webshops and choosing webshop software

14 important tips for professional online shops

Tips for building online shops and selecting the right software

10 tips for good product catalogues and price lists

Tips for good product catalogs and price lists

10 tips to make product catalogs and price lists more customer-friendly

“The support the INCONY team provides our employees in Germany, Mexico and USA is immensely qualified and purposeful.”

Rainer Holthaus,
Catalog Manager at Hella
Software demo of the ANTEROS PIM system INCONY

Software Demo of the ANTEROS PIM system
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