ANTEROS in the electrical industry

Digitization in the Electrical Industry

INCONY offers support for your digitalization regarding all aspects of your product data. The INCONY software ANTEROS allows you to maintain your product data very efficiently and across national borders (PIM, MAM) and can also be used to create professional online stores, online catalogs, apps, catalogs, data sheets, labels and much more.

The Challenges of Digitization in the Electrical Industry

Product data is becoming increasingly important in the course of digitization. People are even referring to this as the new corporate gold.


However, many electrical manufacturers and distributors still have product data scattered across several "islands": product data such as part number, name and price are located in the ERP system, others may be formatted for data standards such as ETIM, and still other data and images are exclusively kept in catalog or datasheet files, websites, online stores and apps. Additionally, an increasing number of requests for product data from customers and partners occur in different languages and formats. If you too still maintain your product data on multiple islands, then keeping the data up to date on all islands can cost a lot of time. It is also more likely that errors will creep in if, for example, you update the data on one island, e.g. the data sheet, and forget to do so on the other islands.

ANTEROS Provides an Ideal Basis for Digitization

The ANTEROS software allows you to centrally and efficiently maintain product data which includes spare parts and accessories links as well as product images, documents and videos. Professional online stores, online catalogs and apps can be created based on this data. Likewise, you can extract print catalogs at the push of a button and import and export your data in various formats such as ETIM and BMEcat or even connect other systems such as your ERP, CAD or PLM system via interfaces.

ANTEROS supports the digitization of your product data in the electrical industry

What Benefits Does a PIM System Offer?

Internal benefits

  • Significantly faster retrieval of product information available to all your employees
  • Complete overview of your entire product portfolio and all associated data, images and documents
  • Significantly more efficient maintenance of your product data, even across national borders
  • Simultaneous maintenance of ETIM structures and company-internal data structures
  • Quicker preparation of product data for sales and product management inquiries
  • Print documents such as data sheets, catalogs, price lists or labels can be generated 100% automatically and in your corporate design
  • ANTEROS also allows you to implement professional online stores, online catalogs and apps

External benefits

  • Complete, up-to-date and consistent source of information for your customers and partners
  • Utilization of cross-selling potentials by storing product links for accessories, spare parts, etc
  • Fast and flexible preparation of product data for customer and partner inquiries
  • Quick access to product information in ETIM-compliant structures
  • With just a few clicks, you, your partners or customers can create any partial catalog themselves
  • Your customers, dealers and partners can always find the right product straight away in the online stores thanks to extensive search options with lots of product information and an optional ordering function
  • An app enables your customers to find products even faster, e.g. via barcode search

“ANTEROS is a process optimizer for OBETA: we have been able to massively reduce time and personnel expenses thanks to this software. Yet we have noticeably improved the quality of our print catalog and dramatically reduced the error rate. ANTEROS offers simple, intuitive maintenance of the data, which is why product management now does this task alone and no longer interacts with marketing. This division of tasks means a significant reduction in risk for OBETA.”

David Pfender, Electrical wholesaler OBETA

How ANTEROS Can Help You

ANTEROS data preparation
ANTEROS Imports, Exports and Interfaces
ANTEROS media database
ANTEROS translation
ANTEROS quality management
ANTEROS online stores
ANTEROS print generation

Efficient product data maintenance (PIM/PXM)

You can efficiently maintain product data along with technical characteristics, product experiences or links between products. You can use the ETIM standards as categories and parameters, as well as build up your own classifications at the same time to ensure comprehensive data maintenance geared to your particular products.

Images, videos and documents (MAM/DAM)

The media database allows you to efficiently manage photos, drawings or other types of images, documents and videos and assign them to products or categories. ANTEROS fully integrates the media and product database - resulting in increased efficiency for you. The media portal allows you to make your media easy to search through and download for sales staff, customers and partners.

Online shops with data from PIM and MAM

With ANTEROS you can not only export product data to existing online stores, but also create professional online stores in your corporate design, which are fully integrated with the product and media database. Convenient search via technical characteristics and product links etc. simplifies navigation in this case.

Data preparation

When working with suppliers and integrating external data into your own data structure, time-consuming preparations of the data can arise. In ANTEROS.damex you can filter the data to be transferred, map it to your structures and flexibly import and export it.


In order to gain a foothold on the international market, you should maintain your product information in appropriate languages as well. ANTEROS collects all texts centrally for this purpose and helps you to quickly identify texts that need to be translated. The translation process can be carried out very efficiently both online and via Excel depending on your needs.

Generate print documents fully automatically

The innovative ANTEROS print engine allows you to generate data sheets, labels and even complex catalogs as well as any catalog excerpts 100% automatically. The generated layouts can be customized to your individual needs.

Flexible integration, importing and exporting

You can import existing product data from other systems and in different formats and export enriched data for customers and partners in ETIM, ECLASS XML, CSV, Excel and more. Further interfaces are available to systems such as ERP, CAD, PLM, store systems and more.

Quality management

You can use custom test reports to check the quality of your product data, e.g. which spare parts have not yet been assigned to products or do not have a picture. The reports are displayed in the dashboard for clear identification and targeted implementation of potential improvements in the data.

PIM for Efficient and Structured Product Data Maintenance

A PIM system (PIM = Product Information Management) provides support for the central maintenance of your product-related information by consolidating all data in a single database. The technologically leading PIM system ANTEROS can work in conjunction with other systems, e.g. your ERP or CAD system. You can transfer data from these systems into the PIM and enrich it there with further information, such as marketing texts, translations, spare parts links, images, etc. The PIM, as a central storage location for all relevant information and content, serves as the knowledge base both internally for employees and externally for customer/dealer exports, online stores, catalogs, and more. The data maintenance is adapted to the needs of your industry, goes beyond the ETIM standard and is especially open for the parallel maintenance of data structures.


Important PIM functions of ANTEROS for the electrical industry are listed below:


  • With ANTEROS you can maintain your product data with great efficiency. You can easily define your own data structures with categories and parameters and add to them at any time. To cater for the sometimes complex technical parameters of the electrical industry, ANTEROS offers many functions such as structured parameters, calculated parameters or inheritance and overloading of parameters.
  • You can easily prepare your data in ANTEROS for the ETIM standard and for BIM and regularly and even automatically export it for your customers and partners at fixed points in time. Importing ETIM data incl. mapping to your own structures is also supported.
  • When data maintenance is divided up among the employees, ANTEROS helps you to define and execute process flows by controlling them via workflows.
  • To ensure high quality of your product data, ANTEROS allows you to define your own quality reports or quality levels and to fix dependencies. The dashboard provides a clear overview of the analysis of the reports for continuous control of the quality standards, allowing you to make targeted improvements to this data from this overview.
  • The data from the PIM can be exported via interfaces in any composition and format. You can respond to specific customer and partner requirements and make the data available in TAF, XML, BMEcat, CSV, Excel, ... or even connect external systems with your PIM.
  • When integrating supplier data, you can create flexible rules that allow for automated mapping to your data structure.
ANTEROS Quality Management
Workflows in ANTEROS
ANTEROS imports and exports

By the way: The ANTEROS software is known for its excellent user-friendliness thanks to thorough usability tests.


If you want to know more about PIM systems, how they work and who needs them, read our PIM blog, a case study from our customers or request a free online demo.

User report PIM blog postPIM demo

Easily Manage Media with MAM

ANTEROS offers deep integration of product information management (PIM) and media or digital asset management (MAM/DAM). This allows you to work on your data even more efficiently and the PIM always immediately displays product images in product lists.


In the following, we will introduce the most important MAM functions of ANTEROS:


  • The media database lets you store videos, audio files, images, and documents centrally and enrich them with metadata. Some metadata, such as creation date, resolution, or format, is extracted from the files, while other data, such as image license notes or license periods, can be easily added.
  • You can define "cleanliness rules" for your media database, both strict rules that take effect directly when uploading, and less strict ones that are displayed in the dashboard, to pragmatically improve the quality of the media step by step.
  • With the media manager, any media objects can be uploaded to the database simply via drag-and-drop.
  • Images only need to be uploaded once in high quality, as they are automatically converted to various formats in the process. These formats include print-quality in CMYK colors or web-large, web-medium and web-small for various displays in the PIM or on your websites.
  • The ANTEROS media portal allows you to make your media available to outside parties. This way, customers, partners or distributors can easily search for the media and download it in different formats. You can restrict access via rights, and the layout can be adapted to your wishes.
  • Comfortable search options allow you to search for images, documents and videos in the media database and the media portal.
ANTEROS media database
ANTEROS media portal

If you want to learn more about media databases that include an integrated PIM system, check out our user report or request a free software demo.

User reportFree demo

Professionally Implemented Online Catalogs, Online Shops, Customer Portals and Apps

Digitization is constantly changing customer behavior during the ordering process. Instead of seeking personal contact with the salesperson, products are increasingly researched and finally ordered via online solutions such as online stores, online portals or apps. Consequently, web solutions like these are becoming increasingly important for many companies as a way to make their products accessible to a larger mass and to open up a new sales channel.


ANTEROS.web allows you to build professional online stores, information portals or web catalogs and benefit from the following advantages:


  • Fully integrated with product data maintenance, i.e. you can maintain all product data and images centrally in the PIM and use it not only for the web solutions, but also for exports, data sheets, catalogs, and more.
  • Extensive search features: In addition to a keyword search, users can search for products more specifically using categories and parameter restrictions, and configure product variants using characteristic data.
  • Cross-selling by displaying accessories and spare parts etc. directly next to the product. You can set these relations yourself in the PIM.
  • Clear product comparison, highlighting differences in the characteristics.
  • Ordering functions such as displaying customer prices, availabilities or order history are available for online stores and apps.
  • Registration: make the online stores only available to authorized customers via registration or restrict access to data or features.
  • ERP connection: to transfer orders directly into the ERP system or to show availability of products.
  • The solutions can be adapted visually to your corporate design as well as functionally to your needs.
Online stores are always responsive

If you would like to learn more about online shops check out our online shop blog post, user report or request a free software demo.

User report Online shop blogSoftware demo

Print Documents and Labels Generated 100% Fully Automatically

The innovative print engine in ANTEROS allows you to generate catalogs, price lists, data sheets or labels 100% automatically, regardless of whether these are intended for print or digital use. In addition, any excerpts can be created without much effort and with just a few clicks, such as novelty or customer catalogs. This offers you the following advantages:


  • Catalogs and data sheets can be easily converted into different languages via the web-based interface of ANTEROS, which means that no no post-processing in typesetting systems such as InDesign is necessary.
  • In addition to full catalogs, new product or country-specific catalogs can also be generated. Furthermore, you can create any desired extracts via expert searches, collective folders, etc. as a print document yourself.
  • You can create print documents more cost effectively, faster and more up to date.
  • Not only can product pages be generated at the push of a button, but tables of contents, keyword indexes or product overviews with summarized data can also be automatically generated.
  • The print engine is fully integrated with the PIM, i.e. product data and images are maintained centrally and up-to-date and can be used not only for print documents but also for exports, online stores, apps, etc.
  • The layout of the generated documents can be customized according to your requirements and corporate design.
Print sample for ANTEROS from Schwaiger
Print sample for ANTEROS from Schwaiger (2)
Print sample from OBETA
CTA catalog, created with ANTEROS (1)
CTA catalog, created with ANTEROS (2)

If you want to learn more about our innovative ANTEROS.print, request our free software demo or read OBETA's user report. In the print blog we give hints on how to create great product catalogs and price lists.

User report Print blogOnline demo

“The level of automation achieved with ANTEROS is enormous. Agency costs are eliminated by the automatic print catalog creation; we can observe changes on-demand and output the entire catalog or parts of it in print quality. Nonetheless, we were still able to customize the layout of our wide product range, this is all made possible thanks to the flexible print rules of ANTEROS.”

Fischer Elektronik
Thomas Fischer,
Managing Director of Fischer Elektronik GmbH

Many Satisfied ANTEROS Customers from the Electronics Industry

User Reports

We have compiled three case studies for you in which our customers report on their ANTEROS projects.


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Intl Online Shops

International online stores with deep SAP integration

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Software Demo of the ANTEROS PIM System

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