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A Translation Memory System (TMS) is a component of computer-aided translation applications. It assists in the translation of texts to significantly reduce the translation effort.

Translation becomes easy with ANTEROS.tsl

In ANTEROS you can very efficiently translate your product data into other languages. You can define specific data as numbers, number ranges or language-independent text, which are then not included in the translation process. ANTEROS collects all remaining language-specific texts which you use at the various points for product data, images, etc. in a central dictionary. ANTEROS provides the texts with a translation status, which allows you to extract the translation-relevant texts from the many texts and translate them very efficiently via web forms or EXCEL. This adds efficiency and uniformity to your translations.


  • Text reuse: Every time you enter the first letters of a word in a data input field, ANTEROS offers you one or several expansions taken from the dictionary. This type of support frees you from consulting additional dictionaries, increases the uniformity of your translations and thus increases efficiency and quality at the same time.
  • Text merging: If you have stored identical or similar texts in ANTEROS as a result of data import from another system, you can merge them with ANTEROS to create a single dictionary entry. If there are several identical texts in your master language (say, English), but they were assigned different translations, they are displayed together with these translations and you can select the most suitable among them and combine the dictionary entries to a single entry, or – based on these details – opt to maintain more than one.
  • Texts relevant for translation: Translation work can now focus on the still untranslated pieces of text. ANTEROS assigns automatically all new pieces of text in the master language the status „Translation required“, so that only these texts will have to be translated, e.g. for a new edition of a catalog. You can enter translations either into web forms or in MS-Excel tables.
  • Translating using MS-EXCEL: MS-EXCEL is typically used when you work with external translation agencies or if large amounts need to be translated. In this case, the text elements that need to be translated are exported in an MS-EXCEL format. The MS-EXCEL tables come with three data columns: the old texts of the master language and the target language and the new texts of the master language. In addition, differences between the old and the new texts are highlighted by colors, so that changing only bits of larger pieces of text can be easily done.
  • Translating with Web forms: If your regional subsidiaries or partners are to enter translations directly in the system, you can define user roles that restrict write access to the relevant subset of data so that no changes can be made to other languages and to data that are independent of a particular language. Also in this alternative, text elements that have changed since previous translation are highlighted by colors so that changing only bits of larger pieces of text can be easily done. In addition, an integrated machine translation tool can optionally perform a pre-translation for new text elements to further cut the time required for translation.
  • Integrating TMS: You can interface ANTEROS with translation memory systems such as Trados, Across, etc.
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ANTEROS combines all your texts in the PIM system centrally in a dictionary and marks them automatically with a translation light. With one click, you can - like with a magnet - only display those texts that are still relevant for translation. That's perhaps only 200 out of 40,000.

You are no longer standing in the text forest and cannot see the forest in front of trees!

In addition, you can export these texts to EXCEL for translators or national companies and the translator will even see what he has changed to the master text since his last translation.

With ANTEROS, translating efficiently is easier than ever thanks to the translation memory system.


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