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The company JUNG PUMPEN, part of the Pentair Group, produces high-quality pumps and pumping stations for house and property drainage as well as for large-scale projects in industry and municipalities. JUNG PUMPEN has created an online spare parts catalog with ANTEROS as a basis in order to significantly optimise the ordering of spare parts and, above all, to meet the increasing customer demand for a 24/7 availability via the Internet.

Search via Exploded View

To ensure that customers find the product they need quickly, first search for the defective pump, select the relevant pump version according to the date of purchase in order to access an exploded view of the pump. Clicking on one or more spare parts directly in the drawing is enough to place products in the shopping basket so that the customer can conveniently place an order.

Directly order spare parts via image
Bestellen Sie Ersatzteile online direkt aus dem Katalog oder über den Webshop

Direct Data Transfer

The product data at JUNG PUMPEN was previously clearly structured in an Access database. Structuring the data was complex, as both the pumps and the spare parts had different technical data. In addition, a spare part could be contained in several pumps and a pump could be available in different versions. In the Access database all variants were multiplied out and so there were many thousands of lines in the table.

Redundancy-Free Data Maintenance

Thanks to efficient product data management and various relationship types, the ANTEROS catalog system guarantees that all products only occur once in the system and can therefore only be maintained in one place.

“The online spare parts catalog offers our customers better service in two ways. On the one hand they can order the right spare part with just a few clicks and on the other hand our employees have more time to provide consultation in complex cases due to the now precise order enquiries. ANTEROS is the right software to make our complicated structured products intuitively searchable and enables simple web-based data management.”

Rainer Kottmann,
Sales Manager After Sales at Jung Pumpen
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