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Leading PIM System ANTEROS

Surpass your competitors with the award-winning PIM System ANTEROS made by INCONY AG.



With the ANTEROS PIM software, you can not only efficiently maintain product data, images and documents, but also implement your requirements for more and more languages, customer-specific print documents, web shops, apps and exports in very good quality and still quickly.


Many companies have already benefited from ANTEROS.
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The technology leading PIM system ANTEROS enables:

  • highly efficient product data maintenance (also called Product Information Management or PIM).
    Compared to other systems: easy to use, even with very complex structured data.
  • highly efficient text translation.
    Compared to other systems: also shows changes since last translation
  • well-arranged quality control of data:
    define flexible test rules yourself, check the data on a well-arranged dashboard
  • connection of existing data and systems via a flexible import framework.
    Compared to other software: very fast implementation of interfaces, dynamic interface adaptation without programming.
  • integrated media database with which you can efficiently maintain and search for images and documents.
    Compared to other PIM, DAM or MAM systems: easy to use and images in different formats can be searched without additional metadata.
  • integrated print engine.
    Compared to other software, you can even generate complex catalogs, price lists, data sheets or labels at the touch of a button without Indesign, fully integrated in PIM.
  • Webshop.
    compared to other systems: fully integrated, very precise product search via categories, parameters, product configurator.

With ANTEROS you can not only efficiently maintain product data, images and documents, but also meet your requirements for more and more languages, customer-specific print documents, web shops, apps and exports in high quality and nevertheless quickly.


Many satisfied customers (95% medium-sized businesses)

Many companies already use successfully ANTEROS
Free software demo

Software demo of the PIM System ANTEROS 



You are planning to introduce a PIM system in order to maintain your product data much more efficiently. Are you interested in what is possible with the technologically leading PIM system ANTEROS and how far you can optimize your processes with it? Then request your free software demo now!


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Advantage and unique selling points of the PIM software ANTEROS:

  • Highly efficient product data maintenance and product data management using concepts such as product series, text reuse, inheritance, etc.
  • The data model in the catalog database is suitable for even complex structured product data
  • Connection to various ERP systems (SAP, Navision, Unitrade, ...) and other systems via a flexible import-export-framework, direct data transfer of TecDoc and ACES data
  • Translation of product data into foreign languages via a central dictionary, visual display of changes, even in EXCEL export
  • Web-based user interface (responsive)
  • Lowest installation / administration costs
  • Software Stability and Innovation
  • Fastest print engine on the market: the generation of your PDF catalogs takes 20 times less time than with other database publishing systems. This is particularly important in the final stages of the catalogs, as you can quickly import new prices or other data and then create the new PDF catalog in less than 1 hour. This is made possible by using a print innovation from INCONY. Even complex layouts can be generated directly in PDF format on-demand without post-processing in a typesetting system.

Daniel Tiemann, TMD

"INCONY convinced us with their flexible software, professional product engineering, very high dedication, expertise and good service."


- Daniel Tiemann, TMD Friction

Customers value the INCONY service (according to a customer survey):

  • Competent employees
  • Tailor-made implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Comprehensive availability in terms of time
  • All processes and functionalities can be used in a web-based environment