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Product data is becoming increasingly important in the course of digitization. You can create growth by means of high-quality product data. Product data is present in almost every company and forms the basis of numerous documents and business decisions, yet managing this rich source of information is often a challenge.

PIM software can help you maintain product data far more efficiently, achieve high data quality, and easily push out your centrally maintained data to other channels (print, web, app, exports).

Find out to what extent a PIM system would benefit your company free of charge.

Our next online seminar on this subject will take place on:

24 June 2024, 13:30 - 15:00

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PIM Webinar Topics: PIM System - Benefits, Functions, Live Demo, Customer Testimonials

Seminar topics PIM
  • How and where does product data originate in companies?
  • What challenges and risks arise when product data is maintained "on multiple islands"?
  • How can PIM systems help to maintain product data in a more error-free, time-saving and comprehensive manner?
  • How can you improve the data quality of product data and how important is this?
  • Which internal and external benefits do PIM systems offer?
  • How do product data affect the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes in the company?
  • Which PIM functions are important for technical industries?


We will address these questions in this online seminar and illustrate functions using real-life application examples.


Dr. Radeke holds a degree in computer science and a doctorate in databases. She has been executing projects and consulting on product data, PIM, cross-media publishing, web-based applications and online stores since 1996. She will be the speaker at the online seminar listed and, if you wish, can also consult you on how your specific requirements could be implemented in a project and what costs can be expected.

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