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Print catalogs, price lists and data sheets have been important sales documents for years. Due to the shorter time-to-market of many products, more and more data must be compiled in shorter periods of time. In addition, these documents are needed in multiple languages, as many companies have realized that product documents in the customer's language boost sales to a great extent. A new trend is to also offer individualized catalogs, such as catalogs only featuring new products, vintage catalogs, customer catalogs etc.

“We are enthusiastic about the speed and quality in which we can now derive our price lists, data sheets, accessory lists and product catalogs for the various machine types. Whereas in the past we had to maintain data several times, with ANTEROS this is only necessary once. This has saved us an average of 90% time. Via the ANTEROS web catalog, our dealers can access up-to-date information interactively and very precisely. This has significantly improved the quality of communication and saved time in day-to-day business through fewer telephone enquiries. All around: a worthwhile project carried out very professionally by INCONY.”

Sascha Tschiggfrei,
Managing Director of WTO

More and more product documents in more languages ​​in less time

You too can create product documents faster, in more and more languages, ​​without increasing your staff, by allowing INCONY to automate your catalogs, price lists, data sheets etc. With the technological-leading print engine ANTEROS.print, you can generate complete catalogs or any extracts of larger catalogs with the click of a button, without the need for typesetting systems like eg. InDesign. This means your own salespeople can easily and automatically generate a catalog extract containing a selected sub-range and adorned with your company logo, for your distributors, or anyone who needs it by simple use of a web form.

INCONY has fully automated many, even complex, catalogs

The product data can either be taken from already existing systems (ERP, CAD, etc.), or be maintained in INCONY's own central PIM system.


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