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Outperform your competitors with our multi-award winning software designed to generate print catalogs, price lists and data sheets from centrally maintained product data and documents crossmedially at the touch of a button. You can also build online shops, online catalogs and apps from this data.

“ANTEROS is an amazing PIM system with a large selection of add-on modules. The software offers high quality and flexibility helping to facilitate complete digitalization in all business areas. INCONY employees offer qualified and service-oriented support to match.”

Mitutoyo Europe
Markus Bauer,
Deputy Division Manager at Mitutoyo Europe

Efficiently Maintain Data in One Place

Would you like to use your product data for varying purposes, be it for catalogs, data sheets, your own online shop, external shops like Amazon, and more? Will the same data be needed for these varying types of media? Having to maintain the same data in different places means repetitive and redundant work, essentially meaning you are maintaining products on multiple island. This can be time-consuming as well as prone to errors if, eg. you edit the data on two "islands", get interrupted by a phone call and forget to make the changes on the rest of the "islands".

Advantages of Central Data Maintenance

Crossmedia software can be used to create marketing materials for various types of media (print, web, app) very efficiently and cross-medially. Product data and images are maintained centrally, but can be used for multiple purposes and thus across different media. This crossmedia work not only saves significant time, but also prevents data errors, which are inherent when product data is maintained MULTIPLE times in the different media. In addition, crossmedia software such as the technology-leading software ANTEROS can be used to directly implement online stores and apps with convenient product searches, product comparisons and ordering functions from a central product database (also called PIM system), but also to derive print catalogs, price lists, data sheets and labels from the product data at the push of a button.


PIM and cross-media extraction make digitization in marketing and product management fun!


Most crossmedia systems only offer product data maintenance, image database, translation, print generation, e-commerce and app functions in part and integrate the missing modules via third-party systems. This means that interface problems are pre-programmed. In addition, data model changes (e.g., new object types for more complex product data) are time-consuming, costly, and the maintenance of complex data could be simpler and more efficient. Particularly in print generation, almost all PIM and crossmedia systems still output data in InDesign and you have to set the pages semi-automatically via templates, which requires time-consuming post-processing for somewhat more complex print catalogs with product tables.

Special Features of ANTEROS

The technologically leading and multiple award-winning PIM software ANTEROS clearly stands out in this respect from our point of view. It offers fully integrated PIM and cross-media functions. The data model can be easily extended to meet customer requirements via configurations. In addition to features allowing efficient work with product data, there are fully integrated modules for time-saving text translation, data quality checking and also a media database, online store and apps for iOS and Android are integrated. Thanks to ANTEROS' innovative print technology, even complexly structured catalogs, price lists and data sheets can be output at the touch of a button. In the meantime, INCONY customers use this print function not only for the annual catalogs, but more and more for print-on-demand, e.g. to generate a quarterly new products catalog with just a few clicks and send it via e-mail, or distributors use it for tenders to put the products of the tender in a collective folder and generate an excerpt catalog on-demand in the beautiful catalog layout or add the products to the tender documents. In addition, ANTEROS offers an industry solution for automotive suppliers with TecDoc data in order to centrally maintain this very complex data, to supplement non-TecDoc data and to export it cross-medially to online stores, print catalogs and various exports.

Many Companies already Benefit from ANTEROS for their Corossmedial Work

The Benefits of Cross-Media Publications with ANTEROS

  • Create product documents for printing more cost-effectively, faster and more up to date. Thanks to ANTEROS' innovative print technology, even complex catalogs, price lists and data sheets can be generated at the touch of a button. This allows you to create your own catalogs including customer catalogs and excerpt catalogs with minimal effort.
  • Online stores, online catalogs and apps for a product search with convenient search functions, cross-selling and optional ordering functions.
  • Electronic catalogs in BMEcat, DATANORM, ECLASS, ETIM,... exported with a simple click.

Unique Features of the ANTEROS Software

  • The data model is highly adaptable and therefore suitable for even the most complex structured product data.
  • The cross-media functions (print, web, app) are fully integrated into both the product and media database (PIM, MAM).
  • The fastest print engine on the market: generating your PDF catalogs is 20 times more time-efficient than other cross-media publishing systems. This becomes especially important in the final catalog phase, as it allows you to quickly import new prices or other data and generate a new PDF catalog in less than 1 hour. This is made possible by using INCONY's innovative print solution.
  • New business opportunities, such as data sheets on-demand available on your website and customer or retailer catalogs on-demand
  • Online catalogs and online stores can be searched by category and parameter with great precision.
  • Product data and images can be used for print, web and apps via CrossMediaPublishing.
  • Fully web-based user interface
  • Minimised installation / administration costs
  • Software stability and innovation

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Precise Implementation

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