Modules of the Multi Award-Winning Software ANTEROS

Simple data maintenance in ANTEROS


ANTEROS has a modular structure, allowing you to gradually build up your investment.

Most of the ANTEROS modules are listed and grouped by area of functionality below.

Data Maintenance

ANTEROS allows you to maintain all your product data centrally and efficiently including texts, translations, product links and media as well as monitor the quality of your data. All modules can be used by an unlimited number of users!
We provide the following modules within this function group:


Product Information Management (ANTEROS.pim, .pimv)

to maintain product data very efficiently and web-based. You can create products with texts and parameters, create relations to other products (accessories, spare parts, etc.) and manage assortments as publications. The license costs of this module depends on the number of products and languages.

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Media Database (ANTEROS.mam)

to centrally maintain images, videos, and documents within the company, upload them easily, and automatically convert them to different formats during upload. In web forms, you can add additional information such as the validity range or license condition and assign the media objects to products or categories.

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Media Portal (

with which your distributors, dealers and even customers can easily search for images, documents and videos and download them in various formats.

Requirements: ANTEROS.mam is needed to use this module.

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Translation Management (

makes your product translations highly efficient. You can filter specific translation-relevant texts in the central dictionary and translate them online or via Excel with little effort, especially since text changes are highlighted in color.

Optional: integrates the machine translator DeepL into the translation module.

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Quality Management (ANTEROS.qm)

to clearly monitor and make targeted improvements to the quality of your data in a dashboard. You can easily create quality reports for individual users or groups or structure the quality of the data via data checks and quality levels.

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Workflow (

allows you to run your own processes in ANTEROS in a controlled manner. You can flexibly define processes with roles and rights in the graphical workflow editor in conformity with BPMN and then deploy them in ANTEROS.

Print Outputs

ANTEROS print modules help you to automatically generate various print documents with your product data from the PIM system.


Fully Automatic Print Generation (ANTEROS.print)

for generating catalogs, price lists and data sheets 100% automatically with the innovative ANTEROS print engine. This module is fully integrated in the PIM system and enables you to not only generate print documents containing all product data, but also new product catalogs or assortment price lists at the push of a button, directly in PDF format.

Optional: ANTEROS.print.bc automatically generates barcodes and QR codes in print from EAN/GTIN, ANTEROS.print.xls can be used to control which products and prices should appear in print during print generation via an Excel file, ANTEROS.web.print can be used to integrate the print functions into an ANTEROS webshop (ANTEROS.web is required for this).

More about ANTEROS.print


Product Labels (ANTEROS.label)

to efficiently create labels for product packaging, repackaging, etc. With the help of a label editor you can create the layout for the label types, link them to product data, generate EAN values to barcodes and place fixed logos, images or texts on them. You can generate the labels not only for any specific or all linked products, as well as check whether the space on the label is sufficient for all product data.

Requirements: ANTEROS.print is required for use.

More about ANTEROS.label


Semi-automatic Print Generation with InDesign (ANTEROS.print.ind, ANTEROS.easycat)

to export product data from ANTEROS to the typesetting system InDesign. This module is suitable for more creative documents, which are not structured on a regular basis, but require post-processing by a graphic designer in a typesetting system.

While ANTEROS.print.ind sets the layout for InDesign via the ANTEROS.print print engine, the layout for ANTEROS.easycat is created directly in InDesign via the EasyCatalog plugin.

Online Shops, Online Catalogs and Apps with PIM Data

Use your data to showcase your products on digital platforms and facilitate online purchases.


Online Shops, Online Catalogs, Web Portals (ANTEROS.web)

to display the product data from the PIM in a easily searchable format within a web application. This module is fully integrated with the PIM and offers convenient search functions, a product comparison, links between products and a shopping cart with order request or online order.

Optional extras: ANTEROS.web.spare enables spare parts stores to order parts directly from an exploded diagram via hotspot, offers a PayPal-plus connection for payments via credit card and PayPal for online shops, ANTEROS.web.print integrates the print generation function of ANTEROS directly into the web catalog / store (ANTEROS.print is required) and ANTEROS.web.ex allows export functions to be integrated into the web application.

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Apps (ANTEROS.iphone)

for an iPhone app suitable for your online store or web catalog. The app can be made available in the Apple App Store, has iOS specific controls and displays your product data and search functions via webapp.

Requirements: ANTEROS.web is required for use.

More about ANTEROS.iphone

Apps (

for an Android app to match your online store or web catalog. The app can be placed in the Google Play Store, has Android specific controls and displays your product data and search functions via webapp.

Requirements: ANTEROS.web is required for use.

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Import and Export Modules

Importe und Exporte


ANTEROS provides an extensive import-export framework and a large number of automatic interfaces to transfer data from external systems or in other file formats. The following is a list of many of but not all of the import and export interfaces, more are available on request.


Excel, CSV, XML (ANTEROS.imex)

for importing or exporting existing product, classification or image metadata in XML, CSV or Excel formats. You can define your own export profiles for CSV and Excel in the export editor.

Optional: The export functionality can also be provided in the web catalog / online store via ANTEROS.web.ex.

More about ANTEROS.imex


Damex (ANTEROS.damex)

for flexible import of data into a preparation database with mapping functions and filtering options as well as for customizable export, thus providing a tool for preparing supplier data (onboarding).

More about ANTEROS.damex


BMEcat (ANTEROS.bme.ex,

to import or export data in the BMEcat format. BMEcat is an XML-based standardized exchange format for catalog data in the B2B sector. It makes a significant contribution to product data management and forms the secure basis for handling intangible information and data along the supply chain.

More about ANTEROS.bmecat


SAP via iDoc (ANTEROS.idoc)

to regularly import master data from SAP via an RFC connection. To do this, ANTEROS registers as a listener with the SAP system.


Shopware (ANTEROS.shopw)

to transfer PIM data to a Shopware store.

REST Interface (

to deeply integrate third-party systems with ANTEROS via REST web services. This allows access to PIM data in other systems via a programming interface/API. This enables communication between applications.


Arge (ANTEROS.arge)

for a data export in the Arge format and the quality rules DQR and BMDG. ARGE Neue Medien is an association of more than 100 brand manufacturers in the building services industry. It organizes the quality management of product data and the standardization of data standards and formats for its member companies.



for an export for HVAC portals. Omni Channel Stream (OCS) is a technology from ITEK for checking and distributing product master data and marketing and sales documents to market partners and platforms in the sales channel.

TecDoc (,

for a data export / import in TecDoc TAF format. TecDoc is used as a data standard in the automotive supplier industry and contains supplier-specific product data in addition to the vehicle data as master data.


Aces (ANTEROS.aces)

to manage and export data for ACES and PIES. ACES and PIES are standardized data formats used exclusively in the automotive industry. Thereby ACES supports automotive application data (fit) and PIES supports product data (part numbers).



for ETIM standard classifications in PIM. ETIM is used to classify products in the electrical industry. This yields a technical description of the products with a uniform product class structure.

More about ANTEROS.etim



for ECLASS standard classifications in the PIM. ECLASS can be used to classify a wide range of industrial products, enabling easy information exchange between suppliers and customers, especially by mapping the procurement markets for buyers.

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