How do PIM and an Online Catalog Boost a Company's Success?

Case Study on the PIM Project: Live Presentation

Case Study by KOSTAL Connectors - Leading Supplier for Electromobility Applications

KOSTAL Connectors maintains their product data in multiple systems and formats, which leads to a high risk of inconsistent and erroneous data. An efficient Product Information Management (PIM) can help them prevent these problems and always showcase their best data to their customers in an online catalog. ANTEROS by INCONY offers standardization, intuitive user interface and flexibility, enabling automatic generation of information sheets, customer catalogs and a professional online catalog.

Torsten Hansen and KOSTAL Connectors

Introduction of the Company and Speaker

KOSTAL Connectors is one of four divisions of the KOSTAL Group, which employs over 18,000 people at 46 different locations in 20 countries and generates annual sales of approximately 2.7 billion euros. KOSTAL Connectors' product portfolio includes connectors, headers, e-mobility connector systems and transmission connector systems. The speaker Torsten Hansen has been employed at KOSTAL Connectors for over 7 years and as department manager is responsible for process optimization in the company. Therefore, he acts as the main contact person throughout the project with INCONY and is directly in charge of the PIM system.


KOSTAL Connectors needs to manage a variety of product data in order to successfully market and sell their products. This includes product information such as prices, specifications, images and videos.

The Problems with Data Maintenance at KOSTAL Connectors

One of the biggest problems in product data maintenance is that data is often stored in multiple different systems and formats (ERP, PDM, Excel). This leads to outdated data, inconsistencies and errors. An error in product information can result in customers buying the wrong product or a product not being sold. Manually maintaining product information in various different systems also costs employees a great deal of time. Lastly, KOSTAL Connectors does not have an online catalog in which they can make their product information available to customers, which means that their sales potential is not being fully harnessed.


Employees at KOSTAL Connectors
Source: KOSTAL

"ANTEROS provides a fully integrated PIM system. We have automatic print generation and the professional web catalog behind it, which is also very important for us."

Quote by KOSTAL Connectors
Torsten Hansen,
Group leader R&D Tools & Processes at KOSTAL Connectors

How does ANTEROS from INCONY Help at KOSTAL Connectors?

INCONY's ANTEROS PIM software offers a number of benefits that make it an attractive solution for KOSTAL Connectors. First, the standardization of ANTEROS has made it possible to use a ready-made standard system in proof-of-concept (POC). In addition, ANTEROS is characterized by an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use. In addition, the software has flexible options for customization in terms of data structure, interfaces and the layout of the web catalog, allowing the software to be adapted to the individual requirements of KOSTAL Connectors. Furthermore, ANTEROS facilitates independent creation and expansion of the data model, including categories and data fields. Fully integrated modules such as the product database, the media database and the web catalog, as well as the option for automatic print generation on-demand, provide a comprehensive solution. In addition, ANTEROS offers impressive search and comparison functions in the web catalog.

ANTEROS at KOSTAL Connectors

On the other hand, INCONY as a company also offers a number of advantages. They act as both a vendor and a service provider and have highly competent project staff. INCONY has extensive experience with numerous companies in technical industries, indicating broad expertise and the ability to understand and meet industry-specific requirements. Overall, both ANTEROS and INCONY offer exciting benefits that influenced KOSTAL Connectors in their decision.

Quick to act
47% faster
than other suppliers
Very good service
35% better service
than other providers
Higher degree of innovation
35% higher innovation
than other suppliers

How Does KOSTAL Connectors Use the ANTEROS PIM System?

ANTEROS offers a comprehensive solution that combines the efficient management of product information, the automation of print materials and the provision of a professional web catalog.

Efficient Data Maintenance in the PIM:
ANTEROS provides seamless data maintenance with product information management. Existing data from SAP and PDM can be regularly integrated into the system. In addition, KOSTAL Connectors has the flexibility to create its own data models with individual categories and parameters (data fields) and expand them at any time as required. Thanks to functions such as inheritance, product families and value lists, entering information is made simple and efficient. In addition, ANTEROS automatically takes care of the conversion of images into various web formats.


Information Leaflets and Customer Catalogs at the Touch of a Button:
With ANTEROS, information sheets and customer catalogs can be generated at the touch of a button. These materials are created according to the corporate identity of KOSTAL Connectors and contain current data from the PIM.


Professional Online Catalog:
ANTEROS also offers a professional online catalog that is seamlessly integrated into the KOSTAL website. This online catalog conforms to the corporate identity and draws its information directly from the PIM. It also offers powerful search functions, the ability to compare products, page recommendations and even an exploded view with interactive hotspots for a detailed presentation of the products.


KOSTAL information sheets


KOSTAL online catalog


All in all, ANTEROS combines PIM, print automation and a professional online catalog in one efficient and customizable solution to boost and optimize product management and presentation. 

"So the product data maintenance is much easier and more efficient to do in the ANTEROS system, and therefore, accordingly, to correct the information that we extract from the various other systems and import that back in as well."

KOSTAL Connectors
Torsten Hansen,
Group leader R&D Tools & Processes at KOSTAL Connectors

Efficiently Prepare Product Data for Your Online Catalog with the ANTEROS PIM System

INCONY's PIM system offers you intuitive data maintenance and targeted control of your data. In addition, you can quickly and flexibly compile product data by yourself for your online catalog in order to present the best data to your customers.


Has the KOSTAL Connectors case study on efficient data maintenance in the PIM and the derivation into the online catalog convinced you? Seize the opportunity now and request your free software demo today. If you would like to get more information about PIM systems and their functions, feel free to read our PIM blog!


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